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Nonne MC is a rapper and producer  from Sydney's Northern Beaches who is renowned for his lyrical capacity and diverse range of styles. Nonne entered the spotlight in 2010 with the release of his debut mixtape - 'Ill Chills Volume 1'. The project received critical acclaim and was promoted heavily on FBI Radio.

Following the success of his debut mixtape, Nonne released part two of the series - "Ill Chills Volume 2". Soon after, his “Wash Away” single went straight to number one on the Triple J Unearthed Hip-hop charts.


Nonne is currently riding the success of his much-anticipated album 'Crop Circles' and is working as the CEO of Gwop Clothing. He has spent the year touring around NSW and has supported acts such as Diafrix, Pez, Kerser and Miracle on their respective tours.


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