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Decypher Us is a Sydney-based Hip-hop supergroup consisting of three emcee’s – 2Face, Little Hunta and 316 (and other affiliated artists). After years of performing separately and releasing solo projects, the boys joined forces to fuse their individual techniques and styles into one collaborative project. 

Shortly after linking up in 2012, Decypher Us’s ‘Feels Right’ single hit # 1 on the JJJ Unearthed hip-hop charts. Since then, the group has received heavy promotion from media outlets such as FBI Radio, Hustle Hard TV and Triple J. They’ve also joined forces with Menace Clothing Company, a merchandiser which is now operating as their official sponsor.

At the end of last year, Decypher Us once again struck # 1 on the JJJ Unearthed charts with their hit single ‘Feels Good to be Back’. The music video for the song was a massive hit on Hustle Hard TV and resulted in the boys linking up with Potential Music. They’ve gone on to share the stage with some of Hip-hop’s biggest names, including Obie Trice, Kerser and L Fresh the Lion. 

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