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Baskiat is an introspective concept rapper who hails from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Renowned as a ‘jack of all trades’, he has also mastered the saxophone as well as instrumental production. Baski has managed to craft a sound that is both intellectual and unique, which has enabled him to build somewhat of a cult following in the underground Hip-hop scene.


In 2012, Baskiat burst into the scene with his debut single ‘Wisdom’. The track, co-produced by Flume, was met with a booming reception and received heavy promotion on Triple J. Since then, he has become one of Sydney’s most sought after artists, having shared the stage with acts such as Spit Syndicate, Diafrix and Kerser.


Baskiat is currently touring around NSW and working on his sophomore album, which will be co-produced by old school veteran and renowned Aussie Hip-hop pioneer DJ ASK.

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