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316 is a rapper who was born in Kissumu, Kenya and now resides in Sydney, Australia. Renowned for his undeniable stage presence, unique punchlines and impeccable flow, he has managed to build a reputation as a true representative of Sydney’s underground Hip-hop scene.

316TheMenace launched to success early in his career with his Hip-hop supergroup ‘Rayzed Hoodz’. The group toured all over NSW and built a cult following in the underground scene. Rayzed Hoodz were handpicked to support Bliss N Esso at their mixtape launch and have collaborated with many of Hip-hop’s elite, including 
Snak the Ripper and Nova Rockafeller.

After releasing a highly praised album with ‘Rayzed Hoodz’, 316 went on to release two of his own solo projects. “Cold War Wine” and “The Menace Mixtape” provided the perfect blend of Boom Bap lyricism and quickly became cult classics of the underground scene.

316 has recently joined Hip-hop supergroup ’Decypher Us’ and is working on their next group project as well as his own solo mixtape.

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